Music, My Religion

Your voice is
Your freedom of choice is
I listen to you intently
Musicians are new age philosophers

You speak truth, or spit it so to speak
Smoke to not speak
Battles within, emotions win
You let me get a grip

The devil is the angel of music
What a coincidence
She’s a flirt, I’m a pervert
Me and her have been dancing

To The same song for years on end
She whispers the lyrics, I grab on her booty
She speaks to my soul and feeds it
Dont deceive me

Like family, I relate here
Like family, judgements are made here
Rights, insights, black man’s plight
All food for thought if you decipher it right

The End is Near

For some its the finish line

A deadline

Its like a recurring telephone phone call that everyone will answer someday

Day by day, multiple pick up

You’re still here

200 pounds still breathing this thin air, its bigger than life

A mystery – Reality

A common yet distasteful destinatiom

Question, who’s call is this at the end of the death-line?

Living, thieving

He let insecurity cloud his very judgement
Uneasy and wrestless, part of resentment
Life and its toils
She seeks to disarm, whether in designer
or a product of dishonour
Life is a thief.
She preys on time and takes without permission
Unless its the small percentage who make a choice with euthanasia, the regulated
Though, We continue to live
Kill time, take more and don’t give.
There really is honour amongst thieves.

Rookie Blogger ALERT

My name is Lindokuhle Mncube, Im a Poet. Lol must admit it has a ring to it, yeah literally… im committing here.

So uhm I have been a poet for literally 2 seconds and Im starting a blog for my poetry. Ok i Officially regard myself a poet now. I’ve always been a poet at heart – i chose rapping over poetry though as a teenager but come to think of it… I was never really writing hip hop lyrics but poetry. 

I know one might say it is one in the same but when you part of a music group making hip songs for mindless fun. Suddenly this verse that will captivate you, make you LISTEN and reflect comes on in that very song? Well world we have us another poet!

Since im new to this I will be reading posts and liking (those i do like ofcourse) and following. I’d like to be followed back so i can be up and running, and I’d like to be posting the poetrii to an actual audience so please care to follow back. 

#Poem #Poems